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Discover our holistic stewardship planning services

You know where you want to go, but you need a plan to get there

You have been financially successful for yourself and your family. Your business is thriving, and now it’s time to put a business succession and retirement plan in place so you can maintain your lifestyle – and create a strong financial future for your family. Also, as a Christian, you want to make sure God is a part of your financial planning strategy and that you have a strong charitable giving plan. Our certified financial and estate planners will help guide you to ensure that you have a comprehensive succession plan in place.

Our Process
Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver

  • Discover

    We conduct an in-depth discovery process through interviews, questionnaires, assessments, and information gathering to fully understand and document your current wealth scenario. Because we address the human aspects of wealth management, we gather information about your family, employees, faith, etc., in addition to the typical financial data. We interact with you, and anyone else you feel should contribute to the process.

  • Dream

    We walk with you through a process of considering your future vision and goals for each aspect of your stewardship journey – your wealth, business, lifestyle, and philanthropy. We seek to understand your hopes and dreams for your own lives, your loved ones and important charities.

  • Design

    Equipped with all your goals and information, we design actionable plans that serve to optimize your family wealth objectives while minimizing the risk to you and your family. Our team of professionals will develop plans, processes and structures to protect and manage your wealth according to your objectives, and sustain its value through successive generations.

  • Deliver

    We partner with you and your family to deliver the plans we have made. We work with you and your professionals to ensure all legal, financial and organizational aspects are successfully in place. Once executed, we will proactively monitor and maintain your plans on an ongoing basis and respond to new information.

Our Services
Family. Wealth. Harmony.®

  • Succession Planning

    Preserve the value in your business and provide opportunities for current and future generations by preparing for planned and unplanned transitions.

  • Financial Planning

    Optimize and simplify your entire financial life with a comprehensive plan that integrates all of your assets and activities, covering your family, wealth, business and philanthropy.

  • Estate Planning

    Support your family harmony, preserve value and build a lasting legacy with a tailored plan that is designed to carry out your last wishes.

  • Tax-Integrated Planning

    Achieve tax savings through holistic planning and integration of taxable entities.

  • Family Business Advising

    Navigate the technical and emotional aspects of doing business together as a family.

  • Risk Management & Insurance

    Implement insurance-based strategies that are designed to manage risk and support your peace-of-mind for future plans and events.

  • Investments

    Discover investment services that are right for your unique circumstances and that help you achieve your goals.

  • Planned Giving and Foundations

    Plan for the most effective expression of your philanthropy by integrating it into your overall financial plan and objectives.

  • Behaviour and Career Assessments

    Gain insights into behavioural and career profiles and support effective communication, healthy partnerships and meaningful career paths through The Birkman Method®.

  • Strategy and Governance Structures

    Find clarity, confidence and a healthy system for all stakeholders through formalized structures that govern the family, ownership and management arenas.