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Philanthropy: A Family Priority

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Mark Brandsma

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Establishing a Legacy of Generosity

After salvation, generous living has the greatest potential to enhance harmony and unity in our lives and families than any other discipline. Parents that make generosity a priority in their family – seeking to understand it, model it, and actively involve their children and grandchildren in it – will experience its profound influence on their family, and their legacy.

Whether generous living is a new concept for you, or something that has been a priority for years, there is always another adventurous step of faith to develop and enjoy. Here are some “next steps” to consider for your journey.

  • Establish a financial finish line. Answer the question, “How much is enough for us, for our future?” This does not mean you will stop working or being productive. It simply allows you to consider a greater purpose for the additional resources God provides. You get to start asking, “Father, what do You want me to do with all this money of yours?”

There is always another adventurous step of faith to develop and enjoy.

Mark & Tammy in Ethiopia – Hope for Korah
  • Instead of having children or grandchildren buy you a birthday or Christmas gift, give them an age-appropriate amount (e.g. $100) and ask them to find a worthy cause, give it away and give you a card explaining where they “invested” the money and why.
  • Allocate a portion of your annual giving to be “family giving”. Have all family members bring ideas about where to allocate these funds. Start small and increase the amount as your family catches your enthusiasm and learns responsible stewardship.
  • Extend the last step by making a large donation toward establishing a Donor Advised Fund. With larger amounts, family members will need to do more research about possible uses. Their hearts will be captured and so will yours. This can easily become the unifying focus for your family and the most popular discussion topic at family gatherings.
  • Attend a “Journey of Generosity” by Generous Giving. This 22-hour retreat allows you to explore the concept of biblical generosity with peers and a trained facilitator. www.
  • Consider working with Covenant to develop your own personal philanthropy plan as a part of your integrated financial plans, designed to help you maximize your Kingdom impact, while addressing your other goals and responsibilities.

Now it’s time to step out in faith and act. Ask your Heavenly Father what the next step is and do it. You will be amazed at what He does.