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Generations and Legacy

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Mark Brandsma

Partner, Relationship Manager, Financial & Estate Planner VIEW BIO

Founder, Michael Gibney, talked about a 100 Year Vision for the company.

When Covenant Family Wealth Advisors began in the year 2000, the founder, Michael Gibney, talked about a 100 Year vision for the company. While the staff would inevitably change over time, the dream was that in the year 2100, Covenant would still be delivering trusted, biblically based counsel to our clients. Perhaps the company would be working with the great-great-grandchildren of some of our initial clients.

I joined the company in 2004, and at the time of this recording in late 2021, we have already worked with three generations within one family, and there are many others where we are working with two generations. I have witnessed how the hard work, wise stewardship, and generosity of one generation is a blessing for those that follow.

It is rewarding to remain connected to several families that I have worked with my entire career, which began in the late nineties. Many other relationships have been a decade or longer. I feel privileged to have a front-row seat to this process and perhaps play a small role in the positive transitions.

Over the years these people have:

  • welcomed new children and grandchildren to the family
  • some have gotten married
  • a few have been divorced
  • many have operated successful businesses
  • others have stepped aside to provide the next generation opportunity in the family business
  • several have retired
  • a few have become widows or widowers

As we are aware, life is full of transitions; some planned and some unplanned.

At Covenant, we exist to help you plan for the various transitions that life will inevitably bring. We are committed to providing intergenerational financial advice that is grounded in biblical teaching, is practical, and affirms a sense of purpose. Our work has an underlying objective of providing education, facilitating communication and promoting family harmony. We seek to be a consistent and trusted resource that knows your family, knows your circumstances and will walk alongside you through life’s greatest joys as well as its biggest challenges.

I’ve come to accept that I will not be around to provide financial counsel to the great-grandchildren of our current clients. However, our plan as an ownership team is that there will be a future generation of Covenant advisors and staff in the year 2100, who care about people and provide relevant trusted advice. For those of you who are clients today or others who will become clients tomorrow, my hope is that the relationship between your family and this company will be long lasting, and future generations will have a good reason to be clients of Covenant Family Wealth Advisors.