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Promise of Privacy

You provide us with personal information that is essential to the planning services we deliver and protecting
this information is important to maintaining your trust and confidence in us. We have always been committed to
keeping your personal information secure and confidential and our Promise of Privacy builds on this


We are responsible for the personal information under our control and have appointed a Privacy Officer who is
responsible for our compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This
federal privacy legislation addresses your rights to protect your personal information and it also provides us
with requirements to govern the way we collect, use and disclose your personal information. In accordance
with this Act, we have appropriate measures in place to protect your personal information over the course of
providing you with our planning services.


We are responsible for obtaining your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal
information. We will identify, verbally or in writing, the purposes for collecting your personal information, either
before or when the information is collected. If we identify a new purpose for your personal information, we will
obtain your consent before using it. You may withdraw your consent in part or in whole at any time, with
reasonable notice, by contacting our Privacy Officer. At that time, we will inform you of the implications of
withdrawing your consent.

Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention

We will limit our collection of your personal information to that which is necessary to fulfill the purposes we
identify to you. We will collect your information by fair and lawful means. We will limit our use and disclosure of
your personal information to the purposes for which it was collected, unless you give us consent to use and
disclose it for another purpose. We will retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the
purposes for which it was collected. In certain circumstances, we may continue to hold on to your personal
information to allow you access to it, in the event that you would like to revisit a service we have provided.


We will keep your personal information accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary, taking into account its
use and your interests.


We will protect the personal information under our control. We maintain administrative, technical and physical
safeguards in an effort to protect this information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use and

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the way we manage your personal information or if you wish to
access your personal information under our control, please direct your question or concern to:
Privacy Officer
Covenant Planning Group
400 – 20033 64 Avenue
Langley, British Columbia V2Y 1M9
Phone: 604-546-1100

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your question or concern, you may contact the Office of
the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at 1-800-282-1376 or through