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Jeff Chapman

Partner, Family Business & Wealth Advisor


CPA, CMA, ACFBA, ACFWA, Birkman Master Certified, CKA

Foundational to who he is, Jeffery believes if one persists, any dream is achievable, and any problem can be solved. He has a vast array of interests and life experiences with high levels of energy and a fascination that keep him always learning and doing new things. He enjoys making things possible and is energized by helping others achieve their goals.

As Partner and Family Business Advisor, Jeffery enjoys connecting with families across Canada to help them do their best with their businesses and wealth. One of Jeffery’s greatest assets is his ability to listen to his clients and understand their goals and needs. He works directly with individuals and groups, providing helpful process, advice, and solutions. He is skilled in conducting interviews, meetings and workshops, developing plans, crunching numbers, and building systems. He also provides insights through behavioural and career profiling, and coaches people through change and conflict resolution.

A CPA, CMA with many years of experience in executive, management and board roles, Jeffery is an experienced leader. He strives to advance personal and organizational vision through excellence in people, planning, and process and has supported the growth and development of many organizations and teams. His career began in accounting and financial roles in industry, but his passion for helping people and businesses succeed drew him into leadership and management. He has worked in financial, retail, charities, gaming, farming, and entertainment industries, and even had a pretty good run playing lead guitar in rock bands in the 80’s and ’90s. Jeffery’s interests in the human side of the equation led him to acquire Senior Certification in The Birkman Method®. He has also completed Advanced Certificate programs in Family Wealth Advising, Family Business Advising, Strategic Management and Project Management. His academic achievements include the Gold

Award from the Society of Management Accountants for his top-in-Canada performance on the CMA National Exam.

Jeffery is known for his friendly, personable character and sense of humour. He enjoys his family, playing hockey, boating, technology, spreadsheets, music, and is still planning on becoming a rock star someday.